Real Travel Stories


Hi, I’m Dan. 👋


I am a travel filmmaker who currently lives in Montreal, Canada.


I run a YouTube channel called The New Travel.

With nearly 100,000 subscribers.


Why do I make travel videos?

Because I believe that we have been lied to. We have been told that the world is a scary place. We have been told that foreign countries aren’t safe. We have been told to put bigger locks on our doors.

But in my experience travelling to 39 countries in 5 continents, I have seen the opposite. All over the world, I have met kind, generous people. People who are proud of their countries. So that’s the message that I want to share.

If you represent a brand or tourism board, my inbox is always open. I have 5+ years of experience working as a freelance writer, video editor, and video producer. Oh, and I also make a mean bowl of spaghetti.