The Truth About Travel

Do You Dream of Solo Travel?


Picture this: You are on a beach somewhere in South-East Asia, feeling the white sand between your toes. The hardest choice you’ll make today is if you order another $1 cocktail, or stroll down to the waterfront restaurant for sunset. There you’ll be met by the most delicious seafood of your life.


Not a fan of seafood and sunsets? No problem! It’s just as easy to take a trip back in time, and wander the ancient alleyways of Rome or Paris. That’s the beauty of solo travel. You have the freedom to decide where you go and when you go. 


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What Questions Does This Guide Answer?

  • Aren’t you lonely?
  • Isn’t it scary?
  • How can do afford it?
  • What do you parents think?
  • Do you speak other languages?
  • How can I get started?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, you’ll find the answers inside. I’ve been traveling solo for years, and this guide just might be the best, most detailed answer I’ve ever given before.

Of course, this guide isn’t magic. It won’t save you from a Malaysian prison or stop that fake visa your friend made from getting you deported back home. It definitely can’t speak Mandarin for you if you have to stay the night in a Chinese village.

Reading the guide, however, will make sure you never end up in those awful situations to begin with. It’s true that traveling alone can be scary – but when you’ve got someone experienced hand-walking you through the whole process, things become way easier.

Who is this guide for?


You really want to travel, but you’ve got lots of questions. Can you afford it? Is it safe? Can you really do it alone? You want an all-in-one guide to taking the leap.


Traveling sounds amazing, but it also seems risky – especially when you’re alone. You want to travel confidently and be prepared for any situation.

Seasoned Travelers

You’ve traveled before, and you loved it. Now, you want to get better at it – and you want tips from someone who’s been where you want to go.

UPDATE, MAY 2016: Bonus Content added:

  • advice on booking cheaper airline tickets
  • finding free accomodation in foreign countries

Be engaged at three levels


The information. The primary component of this guide is the 32-minute video. It is split into six-sections, each of which leaves you questions to reflect on or actions to take.


The motivation. Reinforce the concepts and expand your understanding. Each section values your time: only clear and concise writing is included.


The accountability. The writing you do on the checklist is perhaps the most important part of all. Answer questions designed to get you out of your comfort zone and into your new reality.

The Truth About Travel book cover


  • Here’s the Plan
    5 minutes
  • We’re Told Not to Travel
    4 minutes
  • How to Conquer Your Solo Travel Fears
    32 minutes
  • Checklist – Take Action and Travel
    10 minutes
  • The 12 Truths of Travel
    5 minutes
  • The Final Step
    4 minutes


TOTAL COST: $14.99


NEW COST: $9.99